The Vision

1. Child sponsorship: the aim is to sponsor as many children as possible.

2. Water filters: one filter to be provided for each sponsored child (up to one per family).

3. Water: there are two slow delivery water taps for 6000 people in the village and also the surrounding area. At least two new wells are needed.

4. Pre-school: primary school is 4km away. This is too far for the younger children to walk every day and as a result they are delaying starting school till age 7, 8 or 9. To begin, we thought to start with simple games and songs for the children under a tree and eventually erecting a small shelter to keep off the sun. The vision is the build simple classrooms with storage where classes can take place, eventually getting sponsorship for pre-school teachers.

5. The pre-school building: to be used at other times for training in useful life skills such as health, budgeting, hygiene, parenting, English classes, family planning, bible teaching, praying, worship. Eventually building a training room for skills that can earn them an income, such as tailoring and mechanics. Initially using the skills already available in the village.

6. Build simple accommodation to house visiting guests to the village.