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Why Sponsor?

When you decide to sponsor a child you give them a hope for a better future.  Your commitment gives a child confidence in knowing that someone across the world loves, cares and prays for them.

Both Empower a Child and The New Brainstorm School believe that education is the key to changing a child's life. From a life of poverty to a life of possibilities. Sponsoring a child creates a ripple effect across nations.

Empower a Child Uganda's founder, Wilson Kabeera and NBS's headmaster, Nickolas Kintu, both grew up in situations of severe poverty, just like many of the school's children. Fortuitously, one individual decided to sponsor Wilson.  In turn Wilson himself impacted the lives of thousands of children across East Africa through the work of Empower a Child. The pupils at New Brainstorm School offer the same possibilities.

Even a generation of orphans has the ability to stand up and make a difference in their country; they can help mould a better future - one that has less of the suffering and pain they had to endure as children.  With your sponsorship, you can stand in the gap for these children who cannot receive assistance otherwise.

How it Works

Many children in the Kawempe district have loving parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles they live with.  Their guardian may have many children to look after and cannot afford school fees for every child in the home.  For £25 a month you can sponsor a child to attend the New Brainstorm School. Children in the regular sponsorship program receive an education, healthcare, emotional & spiritual development while still having the opportunity to live at home with their family.  For those without any family, provisions and shelter can be provided for them.

Your monthly contribution of £25 provides practical support for young people in need, with formal education, vocational training and mentoring programs.  School students are also supported with basic necessities such as the provision of blankets, mosquito nets, shoes and soap, school books, pens and pencils and medical needs that might arise.  Above the basic needs and education, your money goes towards monthly Bible studies and mentoring programs for your child.  These programs help your child establish a foundation for his or her faith, and receive counselling and love from the NBS staff on various issues they may be facing in life.

We work very hard to ensure that the majority of your donation goes directly to New Brainstorm School for programs and services for your child.  Our administrative costs are low; about 15% of our total income goes to overhead.  We raise funds for administrative costs through volunteers and school partnership programmes in the UK and income-generating businesses in Uganda.

Please download our introduction to sponsoring a child for more information