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The New Brainstorm School

The New Brainstorm school was established in 2010 to offer street children of Kampala the chance of an education and with hope, a brighter future.  What started out as a passion project to educate a small number of orphaned children, the school has grown into a primary school which supports 200+ destitute children from the Kampala slums.

The school currently resides in the heart of Kampala's slums on a leased piece of land in the Kawempe division, approximately 3 miles from the city centre.  It has a teaching faculty of 8 that deliver lessons and pastoral mentoring programmes from small decrepit classrooms.

The New School Build

In addition to 2 acres of farm land, the school has purchased a 1-acre site in the Nasana division of the Kampala metropolis, away from the slum.  This piece of beautiful countryside will offer the school the perfect environment in which to build a permanent home.  The school will be close enough to service the communities that need it, but far enough away to offer the very best educational environment.  Fundraising has now begun to build a campus with modern sanitation and classrooms able to service an ever expanding number of pupils.

Our Vision

It is the school's ambition to service the community for generations to come in 4 ways:

  1. Become a self-sustaining institution that empowers the local community to take on the responsibility of paying for their children's education.
  2. Maintain its founding principles and provide an education and pastoral care for those that simply have no financial or emotional support.
  3. Offer modern facilities that will stand the test of time and offer safety and security to those that most need it.
  4. Become an outstanding facility which enables pupils to reach their full potential.

What Has Been Achieved?

a) Sports equipment and kit donations have helped pupils to win local Football & Neball competitions against local funded and well facilitated schools. 

b) Two pieces of land have been purchased:

  • x2 acres of land for livestock and crops.
  • x1 acre greenfield site for a new, permenant New Brainstorm Primary School.

c) The children have be given the opportunity by a private sponsor to attend annual school trips to broaden their education and social awareness.  These include visits to:

  • Riham biscuit & soda production factory
  • The Ugandan Wildlife Conservation Education Centre
  • The Ugandan Cultrual Heritage Museum
  • Parliament of Uganda
  • Lake Victoria
  • Freedom City including swimming pools and a performance stage.

Your donation will

Contribute towards the essentail needs of the school, including: 

  • Fund the school's overheads.
  • Repairs, maintenance and santiation.
  • Sports equipment and stationary
  • Immediate emergency medication and medical costs.
  • Provide food for the children during the school day.
  • Continue an empowerment programme that teaches the children skills for later life.

    How Can You Help?

    This initiative is still very much in its infancy which means servicing the day-to-day overheads is of primary importance.  Currently, all funds are raised by a number of part-time volunteers in the UK and some school fees from parents and guardians.  Financial donations to the school itself are crucial to cater for the majority of the children outside of the child sponsorship programme.  Without them, our vision for a better, permanent legacy for the school will not be realised.

    Please donate to the school's running costs and development

    Any donation, however big or small, will go directly to the school and benefit the majority, not the few.  We and the children are, as always, eternally grateful.