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Power of 50

The Power of 50 is a great way to stay involved with Empower A Child after a mission trip, to get more involved as a sponsor, or to help your impact on children if you are unable to go on a trip or sponsor a child. 

We are challenging 50 people to sell 25 scarves and 25 handmade necklaces from Uganda to help raise money for the training center in Zirobwe.

While the task might sound daunting at first, we had one volunteer who participated in the project last year and can attest to the fact that it was much simpler than she had imagined.

The volunteer, Sarah Fisher, stated,"I asked local stores, art fairs, schools, churches, and even my dentist office if they would set the necklaces out to sell. After the first round of necklaces sold so quickly, I found myself ordering an even larger number for the second order! People loved the story behind the necklaces and how unique they are. In just a matter of months, the necklaces raised just under $3,000 for the training center."

Now just imagine what could happen if we had 50 people participating! If you would like to join the Power of 50 and raise funds through craft sales in your community, contact james@empower-a-child.org.uk