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Church Partnerships

We believe that through long-term relationships and partnerships, we benefit not only the children and families we work with, but also the church partner by giving them a chance to be a vital part of what God is doing in Africa.

Below are just some of the ways your church can be involved:

1. Child Sponsorship – Have the church, small groups, youth groups, or children's ministry sponsor one or more children from Uganda or Kenya

2. Church/Community Fundraisers – Hold church fundraising events annually for developing the school for the village of Zirobwe. In the past, people have collected change in water jugs for the well project, held community yard sales, had youth groups participate in 30 Hour Famines, and help spaghetti dinner nights at the church.

3. Build a Building - The church can commit to fundraising for one of the buildings in the village, including the Primary School, the Medical Clinic, the Student Dormitory, or the Vocational Training Center.

4. Mission Teams - We believe in having a network of churches that can continue to send teams to Uganda and/or Kenya every year or two. This allows the church to continue to build relationships with the same people every year, and to actually be partnered with us in ministry. This means the church can be on a journey with us to advance God's kingdom in Africa. Teams can participate in medical missions, children's ministry, church leadership training, men's and women's discipleship, construction, education training, and agriculture development.

Contact us to find more details on how your church can partner with us.