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You can serve the children in Africa without ever having to leave your hometown! Whether you’ve been to Africa with Empower A Child or just desperately want to help the children in some way, below are fundraisers you can do in your own community to raise funds for the children’s school and training center.

Restaurant Nights

Many restaurants participate in fundraisers for non-profit organizations. They’ll donate 10%-20% from particular weeknights sales. Call up a restaurant in your area and see if they participate in this program, you’ll set a date, and in many cases the restaurant will provide the flyers. Then hand out the flyers to your church, college campus, and everyone you know! Encourage as many people as possible to show up at the restaurant and eat that night! Some restaurants that participate are: AppleBee’s, Chick-fil-A, Chevy’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Rubio’s, and many more. This is a simple fundraiser that requires hardly any work.

Carboot Sale for Good

We live in a world filled with tremendous physical and spiritual needs. But God has also blessed us with a lot of resources — in fact we often have EXCESS. We invite you to use that excess to make a difference in this world by hosting a unique Garage Sale at your home that will provide much needed resources to bring empowerment and hope to needy lives in Africa.

Start a Club

As a student, YOU have the potential to turn your campus upside down and shake things up in the name of Africa! Start a club on campus to raise awareness about the needs and issues there and then mobilize students around creative ideas to help tangibly empower those suffering on the other side of the world.

30 Hour Famine

Have your church’s youth group participate in a 30 Hour Famine. They could emulate the schedule of their famine after the day and the life of a Ugandan student, go to school with no breakfast, have only fruit or a small portion of beans and rice for lunch and no dinner and spend the night as a group in prayer and worship. Students can have people sponsor them to participate in the event. You can also get other youth groups in your community and join in and make it a real community effort.

Dinner Fundraiser

Everyone enjoys dinner parties, so why not have dinner and raise money for African students at the same time? This can be as simple or detailed as you wish to plan. From a simple dinner at your home, to a spaghetti dinner at your church, to a community wide special gala, this can be as creative as you want it to be to raise money and raise awareness for students in Africa.

Please contact us at info@empowerachild.org.uk if you have an interest in putting together one of these events in your community.