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What it provides

Your sponsorship provides practical support for young people in need, with formal education, vocational training and mentoring programs.

School students are also supported with basic necessities, such as provision of blankets, mosquito nets, shoes and soap, and medical needs which may arise. Sponsorship also provides a real long-term relationship between the sponsor/s and child. We really encourage that you write to them (your letters will be very special to the child) and pray for them regularly. You can also send your child gifts, such as clothes and stationery, toys or even monetary gifts for their birthday and at Christmas. Check out the Empower a Child International Facebook page to see some of our current sponsored children receiving their gifts. Each year you’ll also receive reports on the child’s progress in school and at home. As you are sponsoring a specific child, you also have the opportunity to travel to East Africa to meet them. We run a volunteering program throughout the year which you can join while meeting the child that you sponsor. We reach out in the poorest communities, typically rural and some slums. This means children may not have the everyday essentials which we take for granted like running water and electricity. The child may need to walk far to collect water before going to school.