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Poverty to possibility

We’d like to introduce child sponsorship through a true story, about a young boy named Jonah.

Jonah has two younger brothers and a sister and they’re all from a remote village in Uganda. The tragedy is that their mother died and their father wasn’t giving them the support they needed. As a result Jonah as the oldest brother looked after his younger siblings, though the truth is they were struggling to even have enough food.

But this is only the beginning of the story. Empower a Child is a Christian organisation that reaches out to orphans and vulnerable children in East Africa. The aim, to break the cycle of poverty and create a generation of children that will become self-sustainable adults.

Jonah, his brothers, and his sister, were well-known by our team of national staff. They received food through our outreach programs and are always looked out for by our team.

But with no money for school or education, how would they break out of this cycle of poverty?

This is one of the biggest issues in East Africa. Children cannot afford school. The result: they have no education, meaning when they become adults they lack the skills to earn a good wage, and so the cycle continues. They start a family and the financial burden of school means that their children miss out on an education too.

This is where the Empower a Child sponsorship program comes into action. It’s a way to break this cycle. We offer you the opportunity to sponsor a child. Not just any child, but a specific child who we’ve met and cared for during our ministry. A child who otherwise would have no chance of education.

We strongly believe in the power of God’s providence. And if it’s on your heart to partner with us, you can sponsor a child, to pay for their school fees and basic needs.

This is precisely the beautiful ending for Jonah and his siblings. All four of the children have a sponsor and as a result are now in school and learning. They have guaranteed meals, the safety of a school environment and regular support through our ongoing programs.

Do you know one of the greatest beauties of child sponsorship? The God-given potential of every child we meet. In fact, Empower a Child was founded by a Ugandan who was once a child in a similar position to many of the young people we work with. But through the grace of God, an American citizen sponsored Wilson Kabeera for his education. Can you see the great fruit that has followed from Wilson being sponsored?

Empower a Child is a ministry that has over 300 children sponsored in East Africa; and Empower a Child was born through the fruit of a sponsored child. Can you see the potential of every young person in Africa?

So, will you partner with us to break the cycle of poverty; to encourage and equip a child; and to give them an education?

You can help transform a life of poverty into a life of possibilities.

God is a great miracle worker - so we pray that you will consider partnering with Empower a Child as we bring the message of God’s grace to children in East Africa. You can help change the life of a child by giving them the gift of education.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

James Welch UK Director