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In 1989, Wilson Kabeera remembers some adults coming into his classroom in Uganda and pointing him out. A few weeks later they came back and told Wilson a gentleman and his family from the U.S was going to sponsor him. This moment changed Wilson’s life forever. From primary school up through college Wilson was sponsored and given the opportunity to go to school, receive discipleship through weekly Bible studies, and given basic necessities, such as school supplies, soap, toothpaste, clothes, and shoes.

During college, Wilson began volunteering in community outreach and evangelism in different local projects in Uganda, babies’ homes, juvenile homes, street kids projects, and schools. Upon finishing college he worked for a couple of years but always felt called back to help the needy children from the poor communities that he once lived in.

In 2006, Wilson quit his job to serve in community projects and started building a team of Ugandan and international volunteers who went on outreach projects around Kampala. Due to Wilson being sponsored as a child, empowered in education, moral values, and Biblical knowledge, he wanted to pass this onto the children he was serving. In 2007, Wilson traveled to United States with a list of 15 orphaned and vulnerable children who needed sponsors. By early 2008 all 15 children received sponsors and were the first children under the Empower A Child sponsorship program. Later that year Empower A Child was registered as of 501 c 3 non-profit in the U.S.

After a few months of the sponsorship program running and providing education Wilson saw that we needed to go another step further besides outreach and providing the opportunity to go to school. These children needed hands on skills and business entrenuership guidance. Many children are sponsored in Uganda and receive an education all the way through college, however, once they graduate there’s no jobs. We didn’t want to see that happen to the children on our program. We wanted them to have an education plus enough skills under their belt that they could go start their own business and become job-creators, rather then job seekers. So, the vision of a multipurpose training center was birthed and in late 2009, Empower A Child purchased 40 acres of land in a remote extremely poor village, Zirobwe an hour outside of Kampala.

In 2010, Empower A Child launched a community outreach program in Kenya witnessing and discipling in slums and teaching English in street kids homes. Meanwhile, connecting with community members in Zirobwe, Uganda providing livestock and basic needs to families in the village. 

In 2011, Empower A Child now has over 200 children in the sponsorship program in Uganda and just launched the sponsorship program in Kenya. We have registered as a charity in the UK and have a team located there raising awareness, funds, and looking for sponsors for our programs in Africa. We have drilled a well for the community of Zirobwe and planted a church as the first steps in seeing the vision of the multipurpose training center.