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What we do

More than 50% of the population of Uganda is under the age of 16 and 40% of Kenya’s population is under the age of 16. In both countries over 2 million of those children are orphans due to war, AIDS and other diseases. One million children alone are orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic. These children are the future of Uganda, Kenya, and Africa.

If the leaders of tomorrow are growing up in extreme poverty, not much will change in their future. Empower a Child believes in breaking not only the physical cycle of poverty and the mentality of poverty in the future leaders lives. Through academic education, healthy living, vocational training, community development and spiritual discipleship EAC is reaching out to tomorrow’s leaders.

Community Outreach

As a team we minister to different projects and schools where children and youth live or go to school in both Uganda and Kenya. Each week go on 6 to 8 outreaches and minister to 200-500 children.

We play games, make crafts, share Bible stories, praise and worship, perform skits, lead panel discussions, disciple, share and counsel in small groups on topics relevant to the particular age group. Topics range from character building and living a lifestyle of integrity, to HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, to obeying authority figures.


Empower A Child believes education is the key to changing a child’s life from a life of poverty to a life of possibilities. Many children we meet in the projects have a desire to be educated, but simply cannot afford to go to school. Most of the time those asking for assistance are orphans who have had either one or both of their parents pass away. Some live with aunts or uncles who cannot afford to send both their own children and their nieces and nephews to school. In some cases, all of a child's extended family has passed away and they live on their own with the responsibility of raising their younger brothers and sisters.

Empower A Child believes in a holistic approach to reaching the children and youth of Uganda and Kenya. Through sponsorship, each child in the program is enrolled into formal education school, whether government-run or private. We ensure the children are attending school daily, receiving meals at school, and have the schoolbooks, pens, and pencils needed for their education. The program also provides for the basic needs of the children, such as blankets, mattresses, mosquito nets, shoes, and soap. Each child receives provision for any medical needs that arise. Above providing for basic needs and education, Empower A Child also believes in meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of the children and youth. Monthly Bible studies and mentoring programs are provided for the children and youth. At each Bible study the children and youth are taught valuable Bible and life lessons, have a time to share and discuss what they learned in small groups, get the opportunity to write to their sponsors, and receive a nutritious lunch. Many receive the foundation for their faith at these Bible studies, as well as counseling and love from our staff on various issues they may be facing in life.

Training Centre and School

The vision of the Empower A Child Training Center and School is for it to be a multiple-purpose compound, serving the holistic needs the children, youth, and community. The compound will address four key areas that will help break the cycle of poverty in a person’s life.